Wednesday, April 2, 2014

“High Tech” vs. “Low Tech” - For what it’s worth.

By now you've heard it from many sources Air Conditioning manufacturers, Utility companies, and even home automation and security companies: “Control your Air Conditioner from your computer or cell phone.”

Not so fast! Home automation, especially when it comes to your AC system, may not be a good idea for everyone. The internet and all the wonderful things we can do with it has opened the door for such technology and all kinds of possibilities for controlling and troubleshooting your homes air conditioning system from afar.

For manufacturers most of this new technology is applicable only to their Cadillac systems that contain more complicated parts and controls with a steeper price tag. OK, if first it’s the right system for your home and needs, all other components of your system such as duct work and filtration are optimal and of course your budget allows for it.

Secondly be sure you have a reliable internet service that is compatible with your new Thermostat control. Wi-Fi is mandatory for off site management of your thermostat control via your iphone or Blackberry and for the manufacturer to send program updates as needed. We have many satisfied customers that are using the newest technology and a few with regrets. One of our technicians made an interesting comment that makes you think: “We took a control as basic as a light switch off the wall and replaced it with a computer to control the air conditioning.”

Another challenge facing service companies is training seasoned A/C technical staff on internet 101 and distinguishing the difference between control problems from an internet problem and remaining efficient in the delivery of service. There is much more to consider than savings only by continually controlling your thermostat. Good solid efficient air conditioning must have well designed installed and sealed air duct systems. What good is done by installing high tech expensive air conditioning equipment on an old inefficient delivery system? Don’t let manufacturer incentives and utility rebates take precedent over the proper design and installation that’s needed for your particular application. There’s plenty of financial incentives available but better to take a little less and get the right system that does the right job for lasting results and satisfaction.

Be informed and know all that you can before taking the plunge into the world of high tech control. Remember the purpose of air conditioning is to heat, cool, and filter the air within our homes without noticing that it is even there. If you like to tinker with things such as the VCR and TV remotes you will no doubt adapt to wi-fi thermostat control easily. But for those who prefer simplicity the option is still available to own a very reliable and efficient new system without the Bells and Whistles.

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