Thursday, February 20, 2014

How Can You Keep Your Family Safe This Winter?

It stands to reason. Over-the-counter medications that you select on your own don’t tend to do the job nearly as well as prescriptions you get from your doctor that are based on his or her diagnosis.

By the same token, off-the-shelf carbon monoxide (CO) detection isn't nearly as effective as the professional diagnosis you get from a home comfort expert. And just as the wrong medicine at the wrong time can yield really wrong results… so can inferior and inadequate CO detection. Hospital emergency rooms see about 50,000 visits a year just due to CO poisoning. So there’s no question this is a problem. But what’s the solution?

The “retail” grade detectors aren't always able to give “early warning” signs – but typically kick in with alarm bells when the air situation reaches distress level.

That’s why your home needs the attention of a professional grade CO detector that can warn you immediately when CO poisoning starts to seep into your home’s air.

A model that many home comfort specialists are recommending is the CO-Experts Low Level CO “Health” Monitor. These monitors give warnings at various levels as the detection of carbon monoxide increases in severity.

Homeowners have the option to silence the warnings if the levels are not deemed serious enough for action, but you’d also become sensitive to the potential for problems.

Models like these are fully self-monitored. They know when their sensor accuracy is off or life span is capping, and they’ll let you know too. They also provide data recall, even so much as a timeline of CO exposure, when the incidents peaked, the time that elapsed since the last occurrence and the duration of exposure.

Basically, a professional grade CO monitor gives you a professional way to help keep your family breathing safely. We’ll be glad to tell you more. Just give us a call. Schedule an appointment or learn more about Climate Magic here.

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